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240/110V 4/3 Belle Mini Mix

Belle Concrete Mixer 4/3 240v/110v Model
The number one choice for professionals and keen `do-it yourselfers`. small and compact, it will pass through a 650mm opening, dismantle in seconds, and even fits into a small car/hatchback! Yet it is capable of mixing three cubic feet of wet concrete every six minutes
Concrete Mixing Hints
MIX RATIOS based on old 50 kg bags
The correct mix ratio (cement:sand:stone) depends on the type of application; harder concrete requires more cement, rougher applications require more aggregate. The ratios given below are guidelines: best proportions may depend on the quality of sand/stone used.
First put in the water - around 7 litres (1� gallons), using more or less depending on the type of mix required. Add some aggregate before adding cement, to avoid sticking. Work consistently to the ratio of ingredients for whatever type of concrete mix you are working to.
Most ordinary concrete 1:2:4 � bag cement,sand 35ltr,stone 70 ltr,and a 85 ltr output
Foundations 1:3:6 1/3 bag cement,sand 35 ltr,stone 70 ltr,for a 78 ltr output
Rough mass concrete 1:4:8 � bag cement,sand 35 ltr,stone 70 ltr,for a 78 ltr output
The approximate mixing time for concrete is 2-4 minutes from when all the material (including the water) has been added - over-mixing can reduce strength and cause segregation of the coarser aggregates.
Beware of low grade aggregates; these will only lead to trouble later on with sinking and frost spoiling the appearance of the pour.
Also do not get the concrete mix too wet as this can reduce strength and make it less able to withstand weathering.
4:3 = 120ltr in 90 ltr out
1/2 bag = 1/2 cwt of 2x25kg bags
output of 1 barrow load

Hire Charges
1 Day£10.00
2 Days£15.00
1 Week£20.00

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