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Air Conditioner + Hose + Split System (Office + Work Place) - 15,000 BTU

This alaska split air conditioner has a cooling capacity of up to 15000 /hr BTU and can cool a room of 450ft square. It can be used as an efficient heater also, with a heating capacity of 15000BTU / hr. It has a quiet turbo fan with 2 speeds, an easy to use mechanical control panel / cooling controls, thermostatic control and an 8 hour-off timer. The outside unit can be wall or floor mounted and is supplied with a 3 or 5 mtr umbilical.
Some spec
Voltage Range: 220-240V 50Hz 1 phase
Rated Power Input: 1250W
Refrigerant Mass: 0.71kg
Refrigerant Name: R407C or R-22
Heating Current: 5A
Heat Pump Input Power: 1120W
Cooling Capacity: 15000BTU
Cooling Current: 5.5A
Cooling Power: 4400W
Air Capacity: 530 m3/h
Weight: Indoor unit 50kg, outdoor unit 11kg
Room Area: 28 m2
Unit Size: Indoor Unit: 400 X 377 X 750 mm, Outdoor Unit: 500 X 310 X 525mm (W X D X H).

Hire Charges
1 Day£50.00
2 Days£75.00
1 Week£100.00

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