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Interior Lasers

Self-levelling LAX 200 crossed line laser: Innovative technology such as a casing that can turn through 360-�, a 'parked position', locking mechanism and ultra-sharp, long laser lines. Ideal for tilers, dry wallers, carpenters and joiners, electricians, plumbers,steel erectors and brick-layers

- Ideal for inside work: the casing in the U-shaped holder can be rotated through 360-�. The complete room can be scanned.
- Self-levelling, ultra-sharp, long laser lines.
- Locked position: allows slopes to be marked.
- Pulsed lines for external applications: working range up to 250 m with the REC 210 Line receiver. (ONLY Included in the complete kit.)
- Easy positioning: On the ground, on a tripod, on metal with the V groove and the rare earth magnet, on the wall bracket** Included in the complete kit.
- Perfect protection for the measuring unit: automatic pendulum locking. The optical equipment is fully protected in the parked position. Optimal dust protection.
- Robust: STABILA anti-shock-system with impact-absorbent cover. Optimal protection for the casing also at corners and edges.
- Rare earth magnet and V groove = rapid alignment on rectangular and round metal bars and pipes thanks to the rotatable casing.

Laser class : 2
Output : < 1mW
Laser wavelength : 635 nm
Self-levelling range (horizontal) approx : -� 4,5-�
Levelling Accuracy : -� 0,3 mm/m
Line Straightness : -� 0,2mm/m
Range, visible crossed line : 20 m Indoors under typical operating conditions

Hire Charges
1 Day£26.00
2 Days£39.00
1 Week£52.00

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The lax 200 laser

The lax 200

The laser remote pickup

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