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Products - Misc Tools & Equipment

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Misc Tools & Equipment
   Builders' Trailer 1 Ton£15£22.50£30
   Hi Side Builders' Trailer 1 Ton£17£25.50£34
   2 Ton Mini Digger Trailer£25£37.50£50
   3.5 Ton Plant Trailer£25£37.50£50
   3.5 Ton Drop Side Plant Trailer£35£52.50£70
   Box Trailer 8'x5'x6'£24£48£90
   Ifor Williams Car Transporter£45£90£200
   Tilt Bed Plant/car Transporter£35£35£140
   Hydraulic Tilt Flatbed Trailer£35£70
   Vib Roller Trailer£12£18£24
   Miscellaneous Tools
   Worktop Jig£12£18£24
   G & F Clamps 6" To 18"£4
   Porta -nailer£13£19.50£26
   Porta Sliding Hammer£5£7.50£10
   Board Tightening Straps£5£7.50£10
   Double Glass Sucker£5£7.50£10
   Treble Pad Glass Cucker£7£10.50£14
   Quadruple Suction Pads£8£12£16
   Polypropylene Banding Tools£10£15£20
   Metal Banding Tools£12£18£24
   Heavy-duty Long Arm Riveter£10
   Lazy Tong Riveter£10
   Salt and Grit Spreaders
   Salt Spreader Vee- Pro 6000 Trailer Mounted£125£180£250
   Future new hire equipment
   Pedestrian Drop Spreader
   Graden Sand Injector

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