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   Sealants & Tools
      General Purpose Silicone C3£3.32
      Forever White Sealant C3£5.79
      115 Gp Mastic C3£2.12
      125 One Hour Caulk C3£1.69
      125 One Hour Caulk C4£2.12
      Silicone 225 Std Colours C3£3.32
      Silicone 335 C3£3.69
      Silicone 450 Std Colours C3£4.41
      Timber & Laminate Sealant C3£4.20
      Worktop Joint Seal Black Ash 100ml£4.76
      Firemate Intumescent Sealant C3£6.36
      Lead Mate Sealant Grey C3£6.36
      Weathermate Sealant C3£6.22
      Silicone Eater 150ml£6.36
      Aqua Mate Silicone Trans C3£4.52
      Silicone S50 Sanitary White 310ml£3.64
      Hybriflex 25 Cartridge 290ml£6.87
      Hybriflex 55 Cartridge 290ml£6.59
      Puraflex K11 Sealant C3£6.36
      Puraflex 40 Sealant C3£6.78
      Click N Seal Gun C4£8.75
      Professional Sealant Gun C3£2.85
      Professional Sealant Gun C4£4.97
      Strip-out Tool£3.05
      Multi-mate Gp Silicone C3£2.24
      Pro-mate Lma Silicone£2.24
      Ulti-mate Neutral Cure Silicone C3£2.82
      Sanitary Silicone C3£2.83
      Weatherguard Lma Silicone C3£2.48
      La5 Lma Silicone Trans 310ml£2.95
      Ln7 Lmn Silicone 310ml£3.51
      Contractors Grade Lmn C4£3.98
      Contractors 200 Lma Silicone£2.92
      700 Lmn Silicone£4.18
      Foil Pack Applicator Gun£29.83
      Anchorset Co-axil Gun 380ml£31.10
      Power-pro Sealant Gun£4.97
   Expanding Foams
      Firefoam B2 Hand Held 750ml£10.19
      Firefoam B2 Gun Grade 750ml£10.37
      Fix & Fill Foam 500ml£7.92
      Fix & Fill Foam 750ml£9.42
      Gun Grade Foam 750ml£9.59
      Foam Eater 250ml£13.63
      P20 Economy Gun£32.07
      P45 Medium Duty Metal Gun£32.94
      Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner 500ml£10.14
      Pinkgrip Grab Adhesive 350ml£3.50
      Pinkgrip Solvent Free C4£3.22
      Standard Gun A Nail C3£2.97
      Instant Nails C3£2.97
      Stixall Crystal Clear 290ml£7.53
      Stixall White & Colours 290ml£6.59
      Pinkgrip D4 Wood Bond 1ltr£7.15
      502 Wood Adhesive Bottle 125ml£1.75
      502 Wood Adhesive Bottle 250ml£2.35
      502 Wood Adhesive 500ml£3.08
      502 Wood Adhesive 1ltr£7.02
      502 Wood Adhesive 5ltr£27.11
      Stick2 All Purpose Contact Adhesive 125ml£3.62
      Stick2 All Purpose Contact Adhesive 250ml£4.85
      Stick2 All Purpose Contact Adhesive 750ml£7.02
      Contact Spray Adhesive 500ml£4.73
      Contact Adhesive Thin & Cleaner 250ml£5.12
      Contact Adhesive Thin & Cleaner 1ltr£10.04
      Contact Adhesive Thin & Cleaner 2.5ltr£23.63
      Stick2 Pipeweld Pvc Cem 250ml£6.51
      Industrial Superglue Gp 20grm£2.48
      Industrial Superglue Gp 50grm£5.49
      Industrial Superglue Gp 100grm£7.84
      Superglue De-bonder 20ml£2.31
      Threadlock 10grm£2.20
      Pipe Thread Seal 50ml£5.82
      Stick2 Rapid Epoxy Syringe 24ml£2.40
      Stick2 All Purpose Clear Adhesive 30ml£1.18
      Stick2 Hard Plastic Carded 30ml£1.29
      Stick2 Contact Adhesive Carded 30ml£1.18
      Stick2 All Purpose Superglue 3grm£0.86
      Carpet Fix Spray Adhesive 500ml£3.22
      705 Rapid Set Tile Mortar 10kg£11.93
      705 Rapid Set Tile Mortar 20kg£18.64
      706 Floor Set Tile Mortar 20kg£16.25
      711 Rapid Set Flexiplus 10kg£14.90
      711 Rapid Set Flexiplus 20kg£22.34
      Glass-mate Mirror Adhesive Trans C3£4.06
      5 Min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid 750gm£12.42
      30 Min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid 750gm£11.73
      Thixotropic Contact Adhesve 5ltr£52.16
      Industrial Superglue Hv 20mg£2.78
      Industrial Superglue Hv 50mg£5.78
   Building Products
      501 Pva Bond 500ml£2.90
      501 Pva Bond 1ltr£4.31
      501 Pva Bond 2.5ltr£10.04
      501 Pva Bond 5ltr£15.43
      501 Pva Bond 25ltr£87.72
      Contractors Pva 5ltr£10.01
      201 Mortar Admix 5ltr£3.47
      201 Mortar Admix 25ltr£20.20
      202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer 5ltr£7.97
      202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer 25ltr£39.88
      203 Accelerator & Frostproofer 5ltr£6.07
      204 Evermix 3 In 1 5ltr£7.47
      206 Strike Release Oil 5ltr£15.72
      208 Powder Mortar Tone 1kg£6.54
      209 Liquid Mortar Tone 1ltr£6.96
      Super Strength Waterproofer 500ml£5.51
      402 Water Seal 5ltr£17.60
      405 Path & Patio Seal 5ltr£14.23
      405 Path & Patio Seal 25ltr£74.53
      408 Exterior Wall Seal 5ltr£13.65
      409 Block Paving Seal 5ltr£35.48
      409 Block Paving Seal 25ltr£149.49
      401 Brick & Patio Cleaner 1ltr£2.72
      401 Brick & Patio Cleaner 2.5ltr£3.86
      401 Brick & Patio Cleaner 5ltr£6.14
      403 Conrete Hardeneer & Dustproofer 5ltr£7.28
      404 Moss & Mould Remover 1ltr£3.99
      404 Moss & Mould Remover 5ltr£10.39
      406 Stabilising Solution 5ltr£12.65
      407 Mortar Stain Remover 5ltr£6.86
      407 Mortar Stain Remover 25ltr£32.82
      Blockfast Technical Mortar 15kg£40.85
      105 Epoxyset Standard Cure Repair Mortar 4kg£35.83
      106 Epoxyset Rapid Cure Repair Mortar 5kg£56.95
      112 Epoxyset Bedding & Bonding Repair Mortar 3kg£53.29
      101 Multi Purpose Putty 1kg£1.71
      113 Plumbers Putty 750grm£3.36
      503 Sbr Bond 5ltr£26.64
      Super Strength Waterproofer 500ml£5.51
      207 Zeromix Cff 5ltr£7.96
      207 Zeromix Cff 25ltr£39.88
      Metolux Anchorset 380ml£21.86
      Metolux Anchorset Mini 150ml£13.97
   Cleaners & Lubricants
      Wonder Wipes Trade Tub (100)£9.51
      Giant Wonder Wipes Tub (300)£16.55
      Glass Wipes Handy Tub (35)£3.43
      Pvcu Wipes Handy Tub (35)£3.43
      Sugar Soap Wipe Handy Tub (35)£3.43
      Glass Cleaner 1ltr£5.06
      Glass Cleaner 5ltr£13.19
      Pvcu Solvent Cleaner 1ltr£6.70
      Pvcu Cream Cleaner 1ltr£5.06
      Multi Maintenance Spray 400ml£4.20
      Silicone Spray 400ml£3.25
      Graffiti Remover 400ml£4.95
      All Jobs Bead Hand Cleaner 1ltr£6.88
      All Jobs Bead Hand Cleaner 5ltr£16.82
      Paper Glass Wipe Rolls£2.50
   Fillers & Decorating Sundries
      708 Self Level Compound 10kg£9.54
      708 Self Level Compound 20kg£14.91
      Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector 0.6x20mtr£20.36
      Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector 0.6x75mtr£75.07
      Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector 0.6x150mtr£146.65
      Powder Filler Trade Sack 9kg£13.95
      All Purpose Readymixed Filler 600grm£1.90
      All Purpose Readymixed Filler 1kg£2.73
      Fine Surface Filler 600grm£1.87
      White Instant Filler 330grm£2.20
      Fill & Skim 5ltr£19.15
      Fill & Skim 15ltr£50.01
      One Strike Filler 500ml£3.94
      One Strike Filler 1ltr£7.19
      One Strike Filler 2.5ltr£14.04
      One Strike Filler 5ltr£27.61
      Cotton Dust Sheets 12'x9'£11.40
      Stairway Cotton Dust Sheet 24'x3'£8.63
      Laminated Cotton Dust Sheet 12'x9'£13.31
      Polythene Dust Sheet 12'x9'£1.67
      Sugar Soap Powder 430grm£2.04
      Sugar Soap Liquid 500ml£2.28
      Stain Block 400ml£4.68
      Caustic Soda Powder 500grm£3.36
      Turps Substitute 750ml£2.07
      Turps Substitute 2ltr£4.57
      White Spirit 750ml£2.07
      White Spirit 2ltr£4.57
      Methylated Spirits 500ml£2.08
      Brush Cleaner 500ml£2.28
      Paint & Varnish Stripper 500ml£3.36
      Roll & Stroll Hard Surface 600mm - 20mtr£18.15
   Survey & Line Markers
      Surveyline 700ml£7.16
      Surveyline Applicator£22.12
      Trafficline 700ml£9.10
      Turfline White 700ml£7.16
      Trafficline/turfline Line Marking Machine£145.56
      406 Stabilising Solution 5ltr£12.65
      Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape 12mmx2.5mtr£1.47
      Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape 25mmx2.5mtr£2.93
      Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape 50mmx2.5mtr£5.87
      Mega All Purpose Tape 50mmx50mtr£5.52
      Builders Pvc Tape 50mmx33mtr£3.55
      Builders Pvc Tape 75mmx33mtr£5.33
      Clear Waterproof Tape 50mmx33mtr£6.06
      Aluminium Tape 50mmx45mtr£5.81
      Aluminium Tape 75mmx45mtr£8.75
      Aluminium Tape 100mmx45mtr£11.62
      Electrical Insulation Tape 19mmx33mtr£0.70
      Ptfe Water Tape 12mmx12mtr£0.30
      Ptfe Gas Tape 13mmx5mtr£0.68
      Value Gp Masking Tape 19mmx50mtr£0.84
      Value Gp Masking Tape 25mmx50mtr£1.11
      Value Gp Masking Tape 50mmx50mtr£2.20
      Value Gp Masking Tape 75mmx50mtr£3.33
      Pvc Hazard Tape 50mmx33mtr£4.71
      Packaging Tape 50mmx66mtr£1.29
   Bitumen & Roofing Products
      901 Black Bitumen Paint 1ltr£4.47
      901 Black Bitumen Paint 2.5ltr£10.04
      901 Black Bitumen Paint 5ltr£13
      902 Bitumen & Flash Primer 1ltr£4.47
      902 Bitumen & Flash Primer 5ltr£13
      903 Bitumen Trowel Mastic 1ltr£4.47
      903 Bitumen Trowel Mastic 2.5ltr£10.04
      903 Bitumen Trowel Mastic 5ltr£13
      904 Roof Felt Adhesive 1ltr£4.48
      904 Roof Felt Adhesive 2.5ltr£10.04
      906 Bitumen Roofing Emulsion 5ltr£16.45
      907 Solar Reflective Paint 5ltr£37.29
      905 All Weather Roof Coating 5ltr£16.45
      905 All Weather Roof Coating 25ltr£67.94
      908 D.p.m 5ltr£17.26

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