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Products - Wire Brushes

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Wire Brushes
   Abracs 70mm X M10 X1.5 T/knot Wirebrush£8.30
   Abracs 70mm X M14 T/knot Wirebrush S/s£14.95
   Abracs 70mm X M14 T/knot Wirebrush£8.30
   Abracs 95mm X M14 T/knot Wirebrush S/s£24.95
   Abracs 95mm X M14 T/knot Wirebrush£15.40
   Abracs 120mm X M14 T/knot Wirebrush£19.95
   Abracs 75mm X M10 X 1.5 Crimp Wirebrush£5.15
   Abracs 75mmx M14 Crimp Wirebrush£5.15
   Abracs 75mmx M14 Crimp Wirebrush S/s£8.75
   Abracs 100mm X M14 Crimp Wirebrush£9.20
   Abracs 100mm X M14 Crimp Wirebrush S/s£12.75
   Abracs 120mm X M14 Crimp Wirebrush£12.25
   Abracs 100mm X M14 Crimp Bevel Brush£4.75
   Abracs 115mm X M14 Crimp Bevel Brush£4.95
   Abracs 115mm X M14 T/knot Bevel Brush£5.95
   Abracs Pipeline Brush 115mm X 22mm Bore£7.55
   Abracs Pipeline Brush 115mm X M14£9.55
   Abracs 2 Row Wooden Handled Brush£0.55
   Abracs 3 Row Wooden Handled Brush£0.60
   Abracs 4 Row Wooden Handled Brush£0.65
   Abracs 5 Row Wooden Handled Brush£0.70
   Abracs 6 Row Wooden Handled Brush£0.75
   Abracs 4 Row Wooden Handled Brush S/s£0.95

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