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Products - Fillers & Decorating Sundries

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Fillers & Decorating Sundries
   708 Self Level Compound 10kg£9.54
   708 Self Level Compound 20kg£14.91
   Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector 0.6x20mtr£20.36
   Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector 0.6x75mtr£75.07
   Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector 0.6x150mtr£146.65
   Powder Filler Trade Sack 9kg£13.95
   All Purpose Readymixed Filler 600grm£1.90
   All Purpose Readymixed Filler 1kg£2.73
   Fine Surface Filler 600grm£1.87
   White Instant Filler 330grm£2.20
   Fill & Skim 5ltr£19.15
   Fill & Skim 15ltr£50.01
   One Strike Filler 500ml£3.94
   One Strike Filler 1ltr£7.19
   One Strike Filler 2.5ltr£14.04
   One Strike Filler 5ltr£27.61
   Cotton Dust Sheets 12'x9'£11.40
   Stairway Cotton Dust Sheet 24'x3'£8.63
   Laminated Cotton Dust Sheet 12'x9'£13.31
   Polythene Dust Sheet 12'x9'£1.67
   Sugar Soap Powder 430grm£2.04
   Sugar Soap Liquid 500ml£2.28
   Stain Block 400ml£4.68
   Caustic Soda Powder 500grm£3.36
   Turps Substitute 750ml£2.07
   Turps Substitute 2ltr£4.57
   White Spirit 750ml£2.07
   White Spirit 2ltr£4.57
   Methylated Spirits 500ml£2.08
   Brush Cleaner 500ml£2.28
   Paint & Varnish Stripper 500ml£3.36
   Roll & Stroll Hard Surface 600mm - 20mtr£18.15

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