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Sawing, Grinding & Sanding
   Concrete Saws
      Disc Cutter (stihl Saw) Petrol 12"£14£21£28
      Disc Cutter (stihl Saw) Petrol 14"£17£25.50£34
      Disc Cutter (bosch) 110v 12"£20£30£40
      Hydraulic Cut Off Disc Saw£50£75£100
      Stihl Water Supression Bottle£3£4.50£6
      Floor/road Saw 350mm£30£45£60
      Floor/road Saw 450mm£40£60£80
      Masonry Saw Petrol 450mm£50£75£100
      Masonry Saw Compact 110v 350mm£35£52.50£70
      Electric Stone Cutter Saw£20£30£40
      Wall Chaser Twin/single Blade£40£60£80
      Concrete Block Cutters(probst)£22£33£44
      Angle Grinder 115mm£8£12£16
      Angle Grinder 230mm Or 9"£8£12£16
   Wood/Metal Saws
      Flip Over Saw£30£45£60
      Bench Saw 300mm 110v/240v£15£22.50£30
      Diesel Site Saw 400mm£45£67.50£90
      Bench Saw 600mm Diesel£60£90£120
      Dewalt Mitre Saw 200mm Slide£22£33£44
      Jefferson 12(300mm)chop Saw£30£45£60
      Compound Mitre Saw 250mm Slide£24£36£48
      Double Compound Mitre Saw 250mm Slide£28£42£56
      Circular Saw 164mm 100v£8.50£13.25£17
      Circular Saw 184mm 110v£9£13.50£18
      Circular Saw 230mm 110v£10£15£20
      Cordless Circular Saw 18v 160mm£11£16.50£22
      Evolution Tctmetal Rip Saw£25£37.50£50
      Bosch/makita Jig Saw110/240v£9£13.50£18
      Alligator Saw (dewalt)£19£28.50£38
      Reciprocating Saw 110v/240v£13£19.50£26
      Bepo Twist Bottom Door Trimmer£19£28.50£38
      Metal Chop Saw 350mm£17£25.50£34
      Drum Floor Sander£28£42£56
      Ht 7 Floor Edge Sander£20£30£40
      Hiretch Htf Orbital Floor Sander£30£45£60
      Surface Grinding/texturing Machine 110v£45£67.50£90
      Single Disk Floor Sanding/buffing Machine£40£60£100
      Orbital Sander 240v/110v£9£13.50£18
      Flap Sander 240v/110v£25£37.50£50
      Belt Sander 100mm£15£22.50£30
      Flex Giraffe Drywall Sander£30£45£70
       Evolution Drywall Sander 230v£25£35£50

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