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This is a new addition to our hire fleet a machine that been around for years and used by groundsmen up and down the country

This part is is still under construction

The 345HD uses the same heavy duty aeration mechanism as the Groundsman tractor mounting aerators enabling it to work on all surfaces and conditions from sports turf to estates and gardens where stones and even old foundations can be encountered. This versatile machine accepts the full range of Groundsman tine and holders (see TINES & HOLDERS) and with an overall width of 80cm (32") it can access pedestrian gateways/ doorways etc

The 345 range use GROUNDSMAN'S elliptical plunge action mechanism for a clean surface finish very little distruption and consistent depth.The 345HD has frabricated box section tining arms in the aeration mechanism and bias-rod implement heads making it extremely durable. The operating width is 45cm (18 inches) with an aeration depth adjustable to 13cm (5") The forward speed is 45 m / min (49 yds) giving up to 1200 sq yds / hour coverage.

The shock absorbing aeration mechanism is driven with a large diameter crank and sealed for life bearings giving many years of trouble-free service with the minimum of maintenance. The front ground drive wheel are fixed in gear and the rear wheels are free for turning and maneouvring the machine, raising and lowering in and out of work is tread bar assisted. The operator handles are mounted to the chassis using three point shock absorbing mountings for low operator handle vibration levels (HAV). Set-up and operator controls are simple making it suitable for private or contract / hire capable of working on fine sports turf or rougher surfaces such as estates and gardens with little surface disruption and consistent depth adjustable to 5". The overall width of the machine is 80cm (32") so it can access pedestrian gateways/ doorways etc.

The 345HD can punch holes from 35mm to 75mm apart at 1200 square meters per hour
We have a range of tines to fit the machine hollo tines cluster holder tines

There be more fo come on this

Hire Charges
1 Day£100.00
2 Days£150.00
1 Week£200.00

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solid core attachment

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single hollo core

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