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Blecavator BV100

The BLECAVATOR concept is simple. A heavy duty contrarotating rotor equipped with special- bolt-on- blades, digs into the ground, up to 7; deep, lifting and throwing the soil, rocks and debris (up to approx. 40 mph), against a sorting screen, mounted behind the rotor. The screen separates the rocks and debris, directing them into the bottom of the trench. The fine soil which passes through the screen is deposited over the top and leveled off. To complete the process a rear packer roll firms up the finished areas making them ready for seeding or turf laying
An adjustable sorting screen is mounted behind the rotor. The screen is made up of high tensile round bars which can be easily positioned to give spacings of between 1/2- and 2- for all requirements and conditions. The tines are protected from large rock damage by the fitting of shock absorbing spring assemblies.
An adjustable leveling board mounted in front of the rear packer ensures an accurate level finish in all conditions. The rear packer roll compacts the surface which is essential for grass seeding or sod laying. The roll is wider than the working width of the rotor to enable each pass to marry up, eliminating any possible ridge effect. The roll is also used to control the digging depth of the rotor

Hire Charges
1 Day£130.00
2 Days£175.00
1 Week£250.00

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