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BCS 740 Wheeled Tractor /Scythe cutter bar

This is our pedestrian two wheeled tractor power unit connected to the Duplex Scythe Cutter.

The anti-clog serrated blades will cut through vegetation up to 1” diameter, including brambles and even first year saplings. The duplex scythe excels at cutting tall grass and wildflowers.

The duplex scythe cutter bar comprises two blades which both move from side to side, in opposite directions. This helps to reduce vibration and enables the scythe to cut faster than the standard scythe.

The duplex cutter bar has self adjusting spring-loaded tensioners which means less adjustment and maintenance than with the standard scythe, and riveted guards on the lower teeth that stop vegetation clogging the cutter bar.

The scythe makes a single scissor-like cut at the base of the vegetation, leaving the material whole. This is what makes the scythe the best tool for cutting long grass for haymaking and for cutting wildflowers.

Because the cutter bar is located out at the front of the machine it can get into areas that other mowers can’t, such as under fences, round the base of trees, at the edge of water, and so on.

Hire Charges
1 Day£120.00
2 Days£180.00
1 Week£240.00

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