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Eliet 600 compactor scarifier

This compactor 600 is suited to job where fine turf scarification and moss removal are required i.e. golf tees , bowling greens, cricket squares and comes complete with unique collection system as explained now
The patented removal and compaction technique of the E600 scarifier provides the solution to the classic disadvantage of quickly filling collector units. By compressing the moss in the collector unit, the number of times the unit needs to be emptied is reduced. The blade system with integrated paddles does not throw the moss directly into the collector unit but instead deposits it into a funnel made of two counter-rotating conveyor belts. The brush effect and the extra throwing power of the blade system ensure that all moss is projected forcefully and deep into the machine-wide funnel. The counter-rotating belts transport the moss and push it deeper into the funnel, pressing it between the belts. This funnel ends in the collector unit and ejects the compressed moss into it. As the moss has already been compressed, it loses its voluminous structure, which means that the collector unit is filled with material, not air. The two conveyor belts keep pouring new waste into the unit, pushing the waste it already holds further to the back of the unit, allowing the unit to be filled to its maximum capacity. No back-flow of waste is possible, so the compression of the material in the collector unit increases as more material is poured in.
The machine if fitted with 36 stay sharp blades
This will not be suitable for scarifying in the root zone

Hire Charges
1 Day£100.00
2 Days£150.00
1 Week£200.00

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