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Products - Lifting & Shifting

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Lifting & Shifting
   Plaster Board Lifter£24£36£48
   Pallet Block Grab - Full Pallet£45£67.50£90
   Pallet Fork Attachment£6£9£12
   Block Extractor£8£12£16
   Manual Tirfor 1600kg£15£22.50£30
   Manual Tirfor 3200kg£20£30£40
   Adjustable Paver Transport Cart£27£40.50£54
   Genie Material Lifts
   Genie Super Lift Sl10£35£52.50£70
   Genie Super Lift Sl15£40£60£80
   Genie Super Lift Sl20£45£67.50£90
   Genie Super Lift Sl25£50£75£100
   Beam Lifter To 600kg£35£52.50£70
   Fork Extensions For Genie Lifts£5£7.50£10
   Pipe Cradle For Genie Lifts£6.50£9.75£13
   Imer Gantry Hoist 110v C/w Ballast Bucket£60£90£120
   Imer Scaffold Hoist 110v£45£67.50£90
   Bucket To Suit 90 Litre£18
   Bucket To Suit 120 Litre£22
   Hoddi Hoist 5m 110v£30£45£60
   Bumpa Hoist 8m£40£60£80
   Bumpa Hoist 10m£45£67.50£90
   Folding Floor Crane (engine Hoist) 1 Ton£14£21£28
   4.5m Shifta Conveyor£60£90£120
   Loading Hopper For Shifta£6£9£12
   Kerb Handling
   Manual Tong Kerb Lifter Bvz£10£15£20
   Manual Kerb Stone Handles Vz-i£11£16.50£22
   Concrete Step Handles Tsz Uni£22£33£44
   Kerb Lifter For A Lifting Device£35£50£70
   Vacuum Lifters
   Stone Magnet Sm£45£67.50£90
   Vacuam Slab Lifter £30£45£60
   Vacuum Slab/kerb Lifter Vph£30£45£60
   Trolley Vacuum Slab Lifter£35£52.50£70
   Trolley Vacuum Kerb Lifter£45£67.50£90
   Chain Blocks & Slings
   2 Leg Chain Sling - 2 Ton£10£15£20
   3 Leg Chain Sling - 3 Ton£12£18£24
   4 Leg Chain Sling - 3 Ton£15£22.50£30
   Chain Block 1 Ton 6 Metre£11£16.50£22
   Chain Block 1 Ton 8 Metre£12£18£24
   Chain Block 2 Ton 6 Metre£13£19.50£26
   Chain Block 2 Ton 8 Metre£14£21£28
   Chain Block 3 Ton 6 Metre£16£24£32
   Chain Block 3 Ton 8 Metre£17£25.50£34
   Barrow Sling£4£6£8
   Manhole Handling
   Manhole Cover Lifter£28£42£56
   Manhole Chain Clamp 3 Ton£25£37.50£50
   Manhole Lifting Pins 3 Ton£15£22.50£30
   Pull Lifts
   Pull Lift 750kg£10£15£20
   Pull Lift 1500kg£12£18£24
   Pull Lift 3000kg£14£21£28
   Webbing Slings
   Round Sling 1 Ton 2 Metre£9.80
   Round Sling 1 Ton 4 Metre£16.60
   Round Sling 2 Ton 2 Metre£13.40
   Round Sling 2 Ton 4 Metre£24.20
   Round Sling 3 Ton 2 Metre£18.80
   Round Sling 3 Ton 4 Metre£36
   Round Sling 4 Ton 2 Metre£31.80
   Round Sling 4 Ton 4 Metre£56.50
   Strop Duplex Sling 1 Ton 1 Metre£6.40
   Strop Duplex Sling 1 Ton 2 Metre£9.80
   Strop Duplex Sling 1 Ton 3 Metre£13.20
   Strop Duplex Sling 1 Ton 4 Metre£16.60
   Strop Duplex Sling 2 Ton 1 Metre£8
   Strop Duplex Sling 2 Ton 2 Metre£13.40
   Strop Duplex Sling 2 Ton 3 Metre£18.80
   Strop Duplex Sling 2 Ton 4 Metre£24.20
   Strop Duplex Sling 3 Ton 1 Metre£10.20
   Strop Duplex Sling 3 Ton 2 Metre£18.80
   Strop Duplex Sling 3 Ton 3 Metre£27.40
   Strop Duplex Sling 3 Ton 4 Metre£26
   Beam Clamps
   Beam Clamp 1 Ton£9£13.50£18
   Beam Clamp 3 Ton£10£15£20
   Girder Trolleys
   Girder Trolley 1 Ton£10£15£20
   Girder Trolley 3 Ton£11£16.50£22
   Jacks, Trucks & Accessories
   Bottle Jack 5 Ton£5£7.50£10
   Bottle Jack 10 Ton£6£9£12
   Bottle Jack 20 Ton£10£15£20
   Toe Jacks£11£16.50£22
   Cable Jacks 6 Ton C/w Bar£11£16.50£22
   Ground Anchor£5£7.50£10
   Ratchet Cabin/farm Jack£6£9£12
   Cable Rollers£3£4.50£6
   Sack Truck£6£9£12
   Stair Climber Sack Truck£10£15£20
   Pallet Truck£14£21£28
   Pallet Truck 2.5 Ton£32£48£64
   Hi-lift Pallet Truck 500kg£35£52.50£70
   Turntable Trolley£12£18£24
   Folding Floor Crane (engine Hoist) 1 Ton£14£21£28
   Roller Pinch Bar£4£6£8
   Hydraulic Trolley Jack£9£13.50£18
   Machine Skates 6 Ton£18£27£36
   Machine Skates 12 Ton£30£45£60
   Hydraulic Push/puller Kit£35£52.50£70
   Bow Shackles / Dee Shackles£4£6£8

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