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Hand Tools & Accessories
   Stanley 1992b Knife Blades Heavy Duty Pack Of 5£1.41
   Stanley 1992 Knife Blades Heavy Duty Pack Of 10£2.16
   Stanley 1992 (100) Knife Blades Heavy Duty£20.72
   Stanley 1996b (5) Knife Blades Hooked£1.41
   Irwin Pro Touch Retractable Blade Knife£8.99
   Stanley 99e Retractable Blade Knife£4.99
   Stanley Fixed Blade Utility Knife£2.83
   Faithfull Professional Stripping Knife 50mm£4.81
   Faithfull Professional Stripping Knife 75mm£5.11
   Bahco 8073 Black Adjustable Wrench 12in£34.02
   Bahco 9031c Chrome Adjustable Wrench 8in£26.95
   Stanley Pro-180 I Beam Level 3 Vial 1000mm£16.46
   Stanley Pro Level 1800mm Non Magnetic£25.49
   Stanley Pro Level 1200mm Non Magnetic£16.99
   Stanley Pro Level 600mm Non Magnetic£11.05
   Stanley Line Level£2.29
   Stabila 70t Torpedo Level 250mm£7.90
   Stabila 83s Level Double Plumb 600mm/24in£58.74
   Faithfull Chalk Powder 250g - Red£2.15
   Faithfull Chalk Powder 250g - Blue£2.21
   Estwing E3/20c Curved Claw Hammer - Vinyl Grip 20oz£28.99
   Stanley Graphite Curved Claw Hammer 20oz£20.12
   Faithfull Hickory Handled Double Scutch Hammer£10.68
   Faithfull Short Pattern Brick Hammer£10.68
   Faithfull Grease Gun Heavy Duty Side Lever£14.41
   Stanley Dynagrip Nail Punch - Set Of 3£10.22
   Visegrip 14sg Soft Grip Long Nose Plier 6in£14.78
   Knipex 68 01 200 Sb End Cutting Pliers£17.74
   Knipex 88 01 250 Sb Alligator Water Pump Pliers£17.81
   Gilbow G245 Straight Tinsnip 10in£17
   Gilbow G245 Straight Tinsnip 8in£14.02
   Stanley Plastic Paint Kettle 1.5litre£1.69
   Stanley Galvanised Paint Kettle 6in£5.23
   Stanley Open Reel Fibreglass Tape 60m/200ft£23.34
   Stanley Open Reel Fibreglass Tape 30m/100ft£16
   Faithfull Phillips Soft Grip Screwdriver 2ph X 100mm£1.47
   Faithfull Pozidriv Soft Grip Screwdriver 2pz X 100mm£1.47
   Faithfull Slotted Flared Soft Grip Screwdriver 150mm X 8mm£1.66
   Faithfull Slotted Flared Soft Grip Screwdriver 200mm X 10mm£2.44
   Wera Kraftform? 300 Screwdriver Set 6 Piece Slot X 4, Pz X 2£21.88
   Fisco 52me Combination Square 12in 30cm£7.04
   Gorilla Tub 75 Litre£11.53
   Gorilla Tub 42 Litre£5.77
   Stanley 4 Smooth Plane 2 Inch£47.55
   Stanley 102 Block Plane£15.60
   Stanley Moulded Body Surform Plane£8.86
   Stanley Moulded Body Surform Block Plane£5.56
   Stanley Surform Blade 140mm - Fine Cut£2.49
   Stanley Surform Blade Standard 10in£2.83
   Stanley 1275b Saw Blade For Wood£1.69
   Bahco 23-21 Raker Tooth Hard Point Bowsaw Blade 21in£5.28
   Stanley Sm9 Snap Off Blade Knife£1.41
   Irwin Marples M373 Splitproof Bevel Edge Chisel - Set Of 6£60
   Taymar Th2000 Handy Blowlamp - No Gas 202797£12.49
   Blackedge 34328 Card Of 12 Pencils - Blue/soft£8.28
   Wd40 200ml Aerosol£2.64
   Stanley Fatmax? Xl Chalk Line 30m/100ft£11.50
   Stanley Hammer Tacker£25.49
   Stanley Nail Set 1/16in£2.63
   Stanley Nail Set 3/32in£2.63
   Stanley Nail Set 1/8in£2.63
   Stanley Synthetic Paste Brush£3.20
   Stanley Hobby Emulsion Brush Maxi 5.1/2in£4.07
   Stanley Masonry Brush 5in / 125mm£3.20
   Stanley Shed & Fence Brush 10in X 4in£4.45
   Faithfull Mortar Pick - Chisel & Point£11.49
   Faithfull Mortar Pick - Double Point£11.49
   Footprint 620c Card Of 2 Line Pins£5.29
   Stanley 5025 Sliding Bevel 10.1/2in£10.94
   Ragni R318 Plastering Trowel 11in - Black Handle£10.62
   Marshalltown 83 Brick Jointer 3/8in & 1/2in£4.49
   Marshalltown 80 Brick Jointer 1/2in & 5/8in£4.49
   Faithfull Fibreglass Handled Sledge Hammer 10lb£23.79
   Faithfull Heavy Duty Riveter Kit£14.57
   Faithfull Heavy Duty Riveter£9.35
   Faithfull Engineers File - 12in Hand Bastard Cut£4.66
   Ragni R118ht Harling Trowel 6in X 6in£10.97
   Faithfull Slaters Ripper£14.21
   Stanley Powerlock Rule 8m/26ft With Holster£18.74
   Stanley Fatmax? Xl Tape Rule 5m/16ft£16.96
   Stanley Fatmax? Xl Tape Rule 8m/26ft£18.95
   Faithfull Np2 Nail Pouch - Double Pocket£6.15
   Solo 150p One Handed G Clamp 6in£8.72
   Faithfull F0476 Scutch Comb Holder 8in X 1in£7.80
   Faithfull F0477 Scutch Comb Holder 8in X 1.1/2in£8.61

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