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Products - Drilling & Breaking

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Drilling & Breaking
   Standard Breakers
   Chipping Hammers 110v Sds Max£14£21£28
   Light Duty Breakers£12£18£24
   Medium Duty Breakers£14£21£28
   Heavy Duty Breakers£16£24£32
   Chisels/points For Breakers£1.50£2.25£3
   Heavy Duty Petrol Breakers
   Wacker Petrol Breaker£30£45£60
   Atlas Copco Petrol Breaker£35£52.50£70
   30 kg Breaker
   Makita Hm1800 30 Kg Breaker£28£44£58
   Chisels/points For Breakers£1.50£2.25£3
   Tar Cutter£2£3£4
   Combi Drill Breakers
   Light Duty Drill/breaker£14£21£28
   Medium Duty Drill/breaker£16£24£32
   Heavy Duty Drill/breaker£18£27£36
   Hydraulic Breakers & Packs
   30 Litre Hydraulic Pack Only£25£37.50£50
   20 Litre Hydraulic Pack Only£22.50£37.50£45
   20 Litre Hydraulic Gun Only£10£15£20
   30 Litre Hydraulic Gun Only£11£16.50£22
   Rotary Drills
   Rotary Drill To 16mm Sds Plus£10£15£20
   Rotary Drill To 25mm Sds Plus£16£24£32
   Rotary Drill Slow Speed 13mm£10£15£20
   Makita Angle Drill 10mm£10£15£20
   Makita Angle Drill 13mm£12£18£24
   Stihl Petrol Bt 45 Wood Drill£20£30£40
   Diamond Drills
   Makita 8406 Diamond Drill 110v£14£21£28
   H/d Wet Diamond Drill Dk12 110v£35£52.50£70
   Drilling Rig To Suit Dk12£14£21£28
   H/d Wet Diamond Drill + Rig 110v£50£75£100
   Magnetic Base Metal Core Drills
   Alfra Rotabest Piccolo 32/50£30£45£60
   Alfra Rotabest Midi 50/50£28£44£56
   Alfra Rotabest Auto 35/35£24£36£45
   Alfra Rotabest Max 38£24£36£48
   SDS + Max Drill Bits
   Drill Bit To 19mm£2£3£4
   Drill Bit To 24mm£3£4.50£6
   Drill Bit To 35mm£5£7.50£10
   Drill Bit To 50mm£7£10.50£14
   Points & Chisels I.e. Bosch & Kango£1£1.50£2
   Chisels/points For Breakers£1.50£2.25£3
   Tar Cutter£2£3£4
   Dry Core Diamond Bits
   28, 32, 28, 48, 52 Mm£6
   65 Mm£7
   78 Mm£8
   90 Mm£9
   107 Mm£10
   117 Mm£11
   127 Mm£12
   152 Mm£14
   175 Mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£25
   Dry Core Extension Rod£2£3£4
   13mm Pilot Drill 400 Long£1£1.50£2
   Wet Dry Diamond Cores
   To 40mm£25
   To 60mm£35
   To 90mm£50
   To 120mm£55
   To 150mm£60
   To 175mm£70
   To 200mm£80
   To 250mm£90
   Wet Core Extension Rods 300mm£8
   Water Swivel Ass£8
   Cordless Combi Drills
   Cordless Combi Drill 24 Sds£15£22.50£30
   Cordless Combi Drill 36 Sds£20£30£40
   Screw Guns
   Screw Gun (tek) Makita£10£15£20
   Screw Gun Drywall - Makita£10£15£20
   Screw Gun Autofeed£16£24£32
   Arm Extension£2.50£3.75£5

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