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      Traix Self Levelling Laser Level£35£52.50£70
      Self Levelling Laser Level(stabila)£35£52.50£70
      Self Levelling Laser Level£35£52.50£70
      Manual Level Laser Level£30£45£60
      Mini-laser/rotary Level (internal Work)£20£30£40
      Interior Lasers£26£39£52
      Dumpy Level£20£30£40
   Cable Avoiding Tools
      Cat And Digicat Cable Locators£20£30£40
      Cat Cable Signal Generator£20£30£40
      Cat Sonde£8£12£16
      Cat Rd400 Locator£30£45£60
      Cat Rd400 Generator£25£37.50£50
      Metal Detector£11£16.50£22
   Measuring Tools
      Laser Range Finder (leica Disto)£15£22.50£30
      Moisture Meter (protimeter)£12£18£24
      Sound Meter£22£33£44
      Measuring Wheel£12£18£24
      Bosch Digital Angle Finder£18£27£36
      Electronic Rebar Finder/wall Scanner£18£27£36
   Drain Cameras & Rodding
      Vivax Mini Drain Camera 30 Mtrs £90£135£180
      Colour Cube Drain /pipe Camera System£50£75£100
      Trace Rodding To 50m, 6mm£30£45£60
      Continuous Rodding 60m£15£22.50£30
      Continuous Rodding 100m£20£30£40
      Continuous Rodding 120m£25£37.50£50
      Continuous Rodding 160m£30£45£60
      Continuous Rodding 200m£40£60£80

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