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Toro Procore 648

This new addition to our family a new kit on the block the Pro core 648
The unique design of the ProCore 648 puts the wheels
in front of the aeration head so that you can make
pass after pass without running over cores or freshly
aerated turf. This prevents damage to the turf and the
fresh holes, and makes clean up easier. Consistently
round holes are achieved by the elastomer Rota Link™
geometry that ensures tines remain vertical as they
enter and exit the ground. The individually floating
turf holders prevent turf lift when the tines exit the
ground to maintain a true and level surface.

The ProCore™ 648 gets the job done faster than ever. You can aerate all 18 greens in about
7 hours* thanks to a 48" (122 cm) aeration swath. In fact, the ProCore 648 has the highest
productivity rating of any walk aerator on the market. From quicker turnarounds to a faster
transport speed, everything about the ProCore 648 is built for productivity.

The procore 13mm ejected cores can be dropped and clean up manually .The procore can be supplied with a windrow kit or additionally a groundsman core collector could be fitted and supplied for the hire
This procore 648 can be fitted with 60 x 9.5mm solid tines
,less tines can be used increase the spacings
The hollow tines can take up to 18 tines on six banks of three ,these also can be spaced out
Some specs
Aeration 102mm depth
Aeration width 1.2 mtr
Ground speed 3 to 5 mph
Weight 698 kg
Full width 132cm

Core and tines are bought separately , price as follows

Solid tines are 10mmx 150mm £4.75each +vat x 60 of required
Cores are 13mm x 140mm long £3.50 each +vat x 18 of required
Hardened side discharge cores £11.00each + vat

This procore can be supplied with a core collection wind row kit included into the hire if required

The Groundsman core collector attachment has to fitted prior to hiring and has an additional charge

Cost For this £50.00 1 day £75.00 2 days £100.00 p/w
+ vat

Hire Charges
1 Day£250.00
2 Days£375.00
1 Week£500.00

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Product Files - Click to View

core collector side view

core collector unit

hollow tines/solid tines


tine holders

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