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   Ladder Stand Off / Ladder Stay£5£7.50£10
   Ladder Stopper£8
   Scaffold Boards 13 Ft/battens 8 Ft Long£1
   Alloy Tower Brace Carrier£4
   Telescopic Boom Lifts
      Niftylift 120t Towable 12m Working Height£85£145£220
      Niftylift Td120t Tracked 12m Working Height£100£170£300
      Niftylift Td170t Tracked 17m Working Height£150£250£400
      Niftylift Height Rider 12 4x4£100£160£300
   Personnel Lifts
   Scissor Lifts
      Pop Up Scissor Lift To 3.6 Mtrs£50£75£100
      Jlg Scissor Lift 7.5 Mtr Working Height£60£90£120
      Gennie Scissor Lift 2632£80£120£160
   Aluminium Towers
      Double Width 2.2m / 1.8m Deck£21.14£31.72£35.23
      Double Width 2.2m / 2.5m Deck£21.91£32.84£36.51
      Double Width 2.7m / 1.8m Deck£27.86£41.82£46.45
      Double Width 2.7m / 2.5m Deck£28.17£42.25£46.96
      Double Width 3.2m / 1.8m Deck£31.09£46.65£51.84
      Double Width 3.2m / 2.5m Deck£32.42£48.50£54.04
      Double Width 3.7m / 1.8m Deck £34.18£51.30£57.01
      Double Width 3.7m / 2.5m Deck£35.56£53.30£59.29
      Double Width 4.2m / 1.8m Deck£35.57£53.37£59.32
      Double Width 4.2m / 2.5m Deck£37£55.44£61.68
      Double Width 4.7m / 1.8m Deck£37.81£56.75£63.06
      Double Width 4.7m / 2.5m Deck£39.29£58.89£65.50
      Double Width 5.2m / 1.8m Deck£41.04£61.58£68.14
      Double Width 5.2m / 2.5m Deck£43.03£64.46£71.73
      Double Width 5.7m / 1.8m Deck£45.21£67.83£67.83
      Double Width 5.7m / 2.5m Deck£47.25£70.78£78.74
      Double Width 6.2m / 1.8m Deck£46.60£69.90£77.69
      Double Width 6.2m / 2.5m Deck£48.69£72.92£81.13
      Double Width 6.7m / 1.8m Deck£48.84£73.28£81.43
      Double Width 6.7m / 2.5m Deck£50.98£76.37£84.95
      Double Width 7.2m / 1.8m Deck£52.07£78.11£86.82
      Double Width 7.2m / 2.5m Deck£54.32£81.34£90.52
      Double Width 7.7m / 1.8m Deck£55.16£82.76£91.99
      Double Width 7.7m / 2.5m Deck£57.86£86.66£96.43
      Double Width 8.2m / 1.8m Deck£58.63£87.99£97.82
      Double Width 8.2m / 2.5m Deck£61.38£91.96£102.34
      Single Width 2.2m / 1.8m Deck£23.52£35.28£39.20
      Single Width 2.2m / 2.5m Deck£24.29£36.40£40.48
      Single Width 2.7m / 1.8m Deck£26.68£40.03£44.47
      Single Width 2.7m / 2.5m Deck£25.85£38.74£43.08
      Single Width 3.2m / 1.8m Deck£29.70£44.57£49.53
      Single Width 3.2m / 2.5m Deck£27.08£40.59£45.14
      Single Width 3.7m / 1.8m Deck£32.42£48.63£54.05
      Single Width 4.2m / 1.8m Deck£33.60£50.41£56.03
      Single Width 4.2m / 2.5m Deck£37.67£56.42£62.75
      Single Width 4.7m / 1.8m Deck£37.84£56.76£63.06
      Single Width 4.7m / 2.5m Deck£38.38£57.47£63.93
      Single Width 5.2m / 1.8m Deck£40.86£61.30£68.12
      Single Width 5.2m / 2.5m Deck£41.67£62.40£69.41
      Single Width 5.7m / 1.8m Deck£43.58£65.36£72.64
      Single Width 5.7m / 2.5m Deck£42.38£63.47£70.59
      Single Width 6.2m / 1.8m Deck£44.76£67.14£74.62
      Single Width 6.2m / 2.5m Deck£46.54£69.75£77.59
      Single Width 6.7m / 1.8m Deck£50£75.05£83.41
      Single Width 6.7m / 2.5m Deck£47.19£70.72£78.65
      Single Width 7.2m / 1.8m Deck£53.02£79.59£88.47
      Single Width 7.2m / 2.5m Deck£50.84£75.73£84.25
      Single Width 7.7m / 1.8m Deck£55.74£83.65£92.99
      Single Width 7.7m / 2.5m Deck£57.86£86.66£96.43
      Single Width 8.2m / 1.8m Deck£56.92£85.43£94.97
      Single Width 8.2m / 2.5m Deck£59.50£95.40£98.50
   Podium Steps
      Height 1 - Up To 960mm£15£22.50£30
      Height 2 - Up To 1210mm£16£24£32
      Height 3 - Up To 1.4 Mtrs£18£27£36
      Height 4 - Up To 1.7 Mtrs£22£33£44
      Adjustable Height Work Platform To A Max 3.6mtr£22£33£44
      Adjustable Height Work Platform To A Max 4.4mtr£24£36£48
      Adjusta-minit Podium£12£18£24
      Lyte Industrial Folding Tower System£17£25.50£34
   Aluminium Trade Ladders
      Elt 235 Two Section Push-up To 5.94m£10£15£20
      Elt 240 Two Section Push-up To 7.03m£11£16.50£22
      Elt 245 Two Section Push-up To 7.81m£12£18£24
      Elt 255 Two Section Push-up To 9.90m£18£28£36
      Elt 325 Three Section Push-up To 5.22m£12£18£24
      Elt 330 Three Section Push-up To 6.85m£14£21£28
      Elt 335 Three Section Push-up To 8.46m£16£24£32
      Elt 340 Three Section Push-up To 10.22m£19£28.50£38
   Roof Ladders
      Trl 140 Single Section 3.95m£10£15£20
      Trl 150 Single Section 4.97m£12£18£24
      Trl 155 Single Section 5.46m£13£19.50£26
      Trl 235 Double Section 5.64m£14£21£28
      Trl 240 Double Section 6.64m£15£22.50£30
   Combination Ladders
      Combie Ladder 3 Part To 4.8mtrs£13£19.50£26
      Combie Ladders To 6.7mtrs£18£27£36
      Surveyors Ladders 4 Section 1m Long£8£12£16
   Swingback Stepladders
      Ess 5 1.03m High£5£2.50£10
      Ess 6 1.38m High£7£11.50£14
      Ess 7 1.62m High£7£10.50£14
      Ess 8 1.86m High£9£13.50£18
      Ess 10 2.34m High£11£16.50£22
      Ess 12 2.82m High£13£19.50£26
   Glass Fibre Swingback Stepladders
      4 Tread Glassfibre Stepladder To .77m£7£10.50£14
      6 Tread Glassfibre Stepladder To1.22m£8£12£16
      8 Tread Glassfibre Step Ladder To 1.8m£9£13.50£18
   Multi Purpose Ladders
      4 Section Folding To 4 Metres£8£12£16
      Transforma Steps£14£21£28
      Folding Step Up Working Platform 600mm High£6£9£12
      Folding Step Up Working Platrorm 800mm High£8£12£16
   Staging Boards
      3.0m Long 450mm Wide£10
      3.6m Long 450mm Wide£12
      4.2m Long 450mm Wide£15
      5.4m Long 450mm Wide£18
      6.0m Long 450mm Wide£20
      6.6m Long 450mm Wide£24
      7.2m Long 450mm Wide£31
   Hand Rail System
      Hand Rail Post£3.50
      Hand Rail Tubing - 3m For Posts£3
      Hand Rail Tubing - 4m£3.50
      Hand Rail Tubing - 5m£3.70
      Hand Rail Tubing - 6m£4
   Staging Trestles
      1.74m Trestle£16
      2.3m Trestle£21
      2.9m Trestle£24
      3.5m Trestle£25
   Steel Trestles
      Adjustable Height To 700mm£2.50
      Adjustable Height To 1100mm£2.50
      Adjustable Height To 1600mm£2.50

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