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   Dosko Small Stump Grinder£60£90£120
   Garden Roller (water Filled)£5£7.50£10
   Powered Drum Roller£50£75£100
   Scarifier Honda Petrol£25£37.50£50
   Petrol Scarifier (robin) With Bag£25£33£44
   Camon Ls42 Lawn Scarifier£50£75£100
   Eliet Professional Scarifier 501 500mm£60£90£120
   Eliet Proffesional 750 Scarifierc 750mm Wide£80£120£160
   Eliet 600 Compactor Scarifier£100£150£200
   Back Pack Sprayer£5£7.50£10
   Brush Cutter Petrol Heavy Duty£20£30£40
   Stihl Kombi Powersweep£50£25£100
   Turf Cutter /remover (petrol Powered)£50£75£100
   Hollow Tiner Easy Core 104£60£90£120
   Hollow Tiner Corer Easy Core 106£80£120£160
   Hollow Tiner / Corer Petrol£50£75£100
   Easy Core 104 Spiker£60£90£120
   Groundsman Turf Aerator£100£150£200
   Rotory Seeder/fertlizer Spreader£8£12£16
   Pedestrian Power Harrow£100£160£220
   Kanga 720dl Trencher Complete£200£300£400
   Hedge Cutters
      Long Reach Hedge Cutter£25£37.50£50
      Petrol Hedge Cutter£22£33£44
   Lawn Mowers
      Petrol 18" Power Drive Lawn Mower£15£22.50£30
      Petrol 20" Power Drive Lawn Mower£20£30£40
      Petrol Flymo Lawn Mower£17£25.50£34
      Wheeled Brush Cutter/rough Cutter£40£60£80
      Flail Lawn Mower£50£75£100
      Commercial 900mm Flail Mower As 901£120£160£200
      Flail Mower 30in(900mm)honda£50£75£100
      Bcs Tractor 740 And Flail Attachment£100£160£200
      Bcs 740 Wheeled Tractor /scythe Cutter Bar£120£180£240
   Post Hole Machinery
      Petrol Post Driver£50£75£100
      Fence Post Remover£45£67.50£90
      Post Hole Borer Manual 250mm£5£7.50£10
      Post Hole Driver Manual£5£7.50£10
      Auger Petrol (post Hole Borer)£30£45£60
   Rotovators / Cultivators
      5hp Rotovator / Cultivator£30£45£60
      5.5 Honda 6 Gears (heavy Duty)£35£52.50£70
      Honda F720 Power Drive With Tiller Box 6 Gears£50£75£100
      Barreto 9 Hp Hydaulic Powered Rotovator£60£90£120
      Barreto 13 Hp Hydraulic Powered Rotovator£75£112.50£150
      Bcs 710 Two Wheeled Rotovaror£50£75£100
      Trackmaster C13 Rotovator£75£112£150
      Bertolini Rotovator 5 Hp£50£75£100
      All Purpose Alligator Wood Saw 240/110v£20£30£40
      Chain Saw 14"£30£45£60
      Chain Saw 16"£32.50£48.75£65
      Long Reach Kombi Chain Saw / Pruner£40£60£80
      Petrol Strimmer£25£37.50£50
      Petrol H/d 2 Stroke Strimmer / Brush Cutter£30£45£60
       Dr Wheeled Petrol Trimmer£30£45£60
   Leaf Blowers / Suckers
      Leaf Blower/sucker Two Stroke£15£22.50£30
      Back Pack Leaf Blower Stihl Br380£20£30£40
      Leaf Sucker Wheel Driven H/d C/w Collector Bag£24£36£48

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