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Products - Building ,Roofing& Site Equipment

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Building ,Roofing& Site Equipment
   Skip Loading Ramps£6£9£12
   Plaster Board Lifter£24£36£48
   Plaster Board Carrier Tongs (pair)£7£10.50£14
   Paving Block Cutters(probst)£13£19.50£26
   Concrete Block Cutters(probst)£22£33£44
   Damp Proof Injection Tool£30£45£60
   Moisture Meter (protimeter)£12£18£24
   Site Security Site Box£16
   Site Tool Box 4x4x2 Ft£21
   Roll Forward Forklift Skip£15£22.50£30
   Mortar Skip Bins 250 Ltrs£8£12£16
   Building Material Movers
      Hoddi Hoist 5m 110v£30£45£60
      Bumpa Hoist 8m£40£60£80
      Bumpa Hoist 10m£45£67.50£90
      4.5m Shifta Conveyor£60£90£120
      Loading Hopper For Shifta£6£9£12
      Water Bowser 1000 Litre Road Tow£30
      Water Bowser 1000 Litre C/w Washer£95
   Cable Avoiding Tools
      Cat And Digicat Cable Locators£20£30£40
      Cat Cable Signal Generator£20£30£40
   Acrow Props
      Size 0 Acrow Prop (114- 1.47m)£2.50
      Size 1 Acrow Prop (1.75m - 3.12m)£2.50
      Size 2 Acrow Prop (1.98m - 3.35m)£2.50
      Size 3 Acrow Prop (2.59m - 3.96m)£2.50
      Size 4 Acrow Prop (3.20m - 4.88m)£2.50
      Strong Boy Support£3
      Trench Props / Struts (various Sizes)£2.50
   Rubbish Chutes
      1 Metre Rubbish Chutes£5
      Top Hopper£8
      Scaffold Frame£8
   Site Security Panels
      Temporary Fencing 3.5x2 Mtrs£2.50
      Crowd Barrier 1x2.5m Complete£3
      Temporary Hording Panels 2x2m£3
      Vehicle Gates For Temporary Fencing£8
      Personnel Gates For Fencing£6
   Road Equipment
      Traffic Separation System 1m Long£4.50
      Road Cone 750mm£2
      Red/white 2m Road Barriers£2
      Road Signs - Various£6
   Tar Boilers & Accessories
      10 Gallon Tar Boiler£14£21£28
      15 Gallon Tar Boiler£15£22.50£30
      25 Gallon Tar Boiler£20£30£40
      Tar Furnace£15£22.50£30
      V Shape Tar Bucket 15 Ltr£2.50£3.75£5
      Tar Pourer£3£4.50£6
      Single Head Blowtorch£5£7.50£10
      Double Head Blowtorch£6£9£12
      Triple Head Blowtorch£7£10.50£14
   150mm Roadform/Shuttering Pans
      6in Roadform/shuttering Pans£3.50
      Stakes/road Pins 600mm£0.90

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