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Ground Care
   Air 2g2 Gt Air Injection£350£525£700
   Toro Procore 648£250£375£500
   Gradens Sand Injection Machine£425£650£850
   Leaf Collector Vp 500£75£110£150
   Leaf Sucker Wheel Driven H/d C/w Collector Bag£24£36£48
   Auger Petrol (post Hole Borer)£25£37.50£50
   Artificial Turf Recycling Machine (pg300)£350£450£600
   Utility Sweeper ( As Fitted A Turbo 1 )£350
   Flail Mower Attachment To Fit Ferrari Mowers£50£75£100
   Scarifier Attachment For Ferrari Mowers£50£75£100
   Sissis Auto-rake Mk5 Scarifier/de- Thatcher£80£120£160
   Groundsman Turf Cutter£75£110£150
   Classen Profesional Turf Cutter£75£110£150
   Blec Rotor Rakes - Sr3h£132£176£220
   Blec Power Box Rake - Pbr90£132£176£220
   Tracmaster Bcs 740/box Grader£100£160£220
   Blec Cultipack Seeder Cp42£75£105£150
   Pedestrian Core Collector£180£240£300
   Vibra-tine Sand Master - Gsm1500i/tractor Unit£750£900£1250
   Propass Top Dresser£150£225£300
   Stump Grinders
   Dosko Small Stump Grinder£60£90£120
   Donsko Stump Grinder 350mm Honda Petrol£70£105£140
   Carton Sp900 Stump Grinder 300mm Petrol£70£105£140
   Bandit Stump Cutter 350mm 20hp£90£135£180
   Carlton Sp2000 Stump Grinder 475mm Petrol£90£135£180
   Stump Grinder 27hp Hydraulic 4 Wheel£125£195£275
   Rayco Rg1635 Tracked Stump Grinder£200£300£400
   Hydraulic Log Splitter 5 Ton 230v£50£75£100
   Towed Hydraulic Iog Splitter 12 Ton£75£112.50£150
   Chippers / Shredders
   Diesel Power Chipper 35hp 150mm Cap Towable£100£160£300
   Forst St6 150mm Towable Chipper£100£160£300
   Forst Diesel 150mm Tracked Chipper£125£200£375
   Diesel Power Chipper 35hp 150mm Cap Tracked£125£200£375
   Diesel Power Chipper 35hp 190mm Cap Towable£125£200£375
   Diesel Power Chipper 45hp 190mm Cap Tracked£150£250£450
   Diesel Powered 190mm Banking Tracked Chipper£190£300£525
   Timberwolf Pto Mounted 150mm Chipper£80£120£240
   Timber Processing Eqiupment
   PTO Driven Ground Care Equipment
   Blecavator Bv100£130£175£250
   Blecavator - Bv130£130£175£250
   Blec Rotor Rake Sr6£180£250£300
   Blec/harley Power Rake- Tm6£270
   Blec/harley Power Rake - Tm5£250
   Blec/harley Power Box Grader Rake Tm4£150£200£250
   Blec Multi Seeder Bms 1400£125£190£250
   Allet Tractor Mounted Scarifier/de-thacher£180£240£300
   Graden Sw04 Swing-wing Verticutter£600£850£1000
   Pto Driven Major Rotovator Mzb125£160
   Vibra-tine Sand Master - Gsm1500i/tractor Unit£750£900£1250
   Verti-drain Attachment£300£350£500
   Wieddenmann Terra Spike Gxi 8 Hd£350£450£600
   Wiedenmann Super 500 Turf Machine£300£450£600
   Verti-drain Attachment 7110£250£350£400
   Rotoharrow Mtz17£130£195£250
   Roto-stone-harrow Mtz150£130£195£250
   Blec Disc Seeder Dms1400£125£175£250
   Sub-compact Flail Mower£60£90£120
   Tractor Mounted Box Grader£50£75£100
   Pedestrian Operated Ground Care Equipment
   Pedestrian Power Harrow£100£160£220
   Blec Uni-seeder£175£263£350
   Eliet Proffesional 750 Scarifierc 750mm Wide£80£120£160
   Powered Garden Roller£50£75£100
   Pedestrain Top Dresser£125£180£250
   Tracmaster Power Sweeper/ Snow Brush£125£185£250
   Kersten K 2100 Hydraulic Power Brush£120£200£280
   Kersten K2100 Weed Eater £150£225£300
   Trackmaster Bcs740 And Stone Burier£120£180£240
   Towable Ground Care Equipment
   Riko Towable Wood Processor£150£225£300
   Propass Top Dresser£150£225£300
   Commercial Mowers
   Commercial 900mm Flail Mower As 901£120£160£200
   John Deere 7h17 Walk Behind Mower£80£120£160
   Tuareg 92 4x4 Mower Tractor£90£135£180
   Professional Lawn Mower Ferarri Pg270 Ride On£150£225£300
   Professional Mower Ferrari Turbo 1£175£260£350
   Ferrari Turbo 4 High Lift Mower(cut And Collect)£175£260£400
   Kioti Wd 1260 High Tip Cut And Collect Mower£150£225£300
   Major Flail Mower ( Tractor Attachment)£150
   Ferrari Flail Mower£150£250£350
   Major Finnishing Mower (tractor Mounted)£90£120£150
   Trailed Commecial Flail Mower£60£90£120
   Kanga Tracked Multi-Purpose Loader
   Kanga Tracked Skid Steer Loader Tk216£60£90£120
   Kanga 4 In 1 Bucket£10£15£20
   Kanga Fence Post Hyd Auger£35£52.50£70
   Kanga H/d Hydraulic Rotovator£30£45£60
   Kanga Powered Turf Cutter£20£30£40
   Kanga Trencher Attachment£140£200£260
   Kanga Dl 720 Diesel Loader£100£150£200
   Kanga 720dl Trencher£200£300£400
   Trenching Machines
   Fr 1 Pedestrian Ground Trenching Machine£150£200£250
   Kanga Trencher Attachment£140£200£260
   Kanga 720dl Trencher£200£300£400
   Ferrari Turbo Multi use Loader
   Ferrari Turbo Loader£190£275£380
   Tracked loaders and dumpers
   Yanmar Tracked Carrier/dumper£200£300£400
   Tracked Carrier/dumpster 1150kg - 3 Way Tip£80£120£160
   Tracked Power Barrow / Carrier 750kg£45£67.50£90
   Hi -lift Diesel Tracked Dumpster£50£75£100
   Dumpster Jcb Td10 Hi-lift£50£75£100
   Compact tractors
    Sub Compact Tractor 26 Hp£90£135£180
   Kioti 2810 Compact Tractor Loader 28 Hp£100£150£200
   Kioti 2810 Compact Tractor C/w Cabin£125£195£250
   Kioti 4010 Compact Tractor£125£185£250
   John Deere Compact Tractor 2520£100£150£200
   John Deere Loader Only Cx200£50
   John Deere Medium Tractor 3720£250
   John Deere Cx300 Loader To Fit The 3720 Tractor£50
   Kioti Mid Chassis Tractor 5510 55 Hp£150£225£300
   Utility vehicles
   4x4 Utility Vehicle (gator)£120£150£250

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